Els Ports Horta de Sant Joan

The village of Horta de Sant Joan is surrounded by imposing mountains and fields of mostly olive trees, almond trees, and vines. These conditions make the area purely rural and natural. 

The painter Pablo Picasso lived in Horta de Sant Joan for two seasons, where he was inspired by some of his works. The first season was in 1898 when he was 16 years old. The drawings and paintings he produced during this period are kept by the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and his heirs. 

The second, in 1909, corresponds to his Cubist period, and the works he painted with his brush are scattered around such disparate metropolises as New York and Moscow. During the four months he spent on this second occasion, Picasso produced some seventy works, which marked the abandonment of his pink and blue periods and the confirmation of geometric Cubism.

Horta de Sant Joan has several options for outdoor activities for beginners as well as for more experienced people.

Activities Horta de Sant Joan

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