Canyoning Level 1


We train you so that you can safely and autonomously perform level 1 canyons, with the canyons themselves being the learning classroom.

Get started in one of the most beautiful and spectacular mountain disciplines, where you will acquire basic technical knowledge as well as learn to prevent and manage the risks of canyoning.

This course takes place in the Terra Alta region between the municipalities of Arnes and Horta de Sant Joan within the Els Ports Natural Park.

COURSE DURATION: 2 or 3 days

It is intensive, with an approximate schedule between 9:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the afternoon depending on the time of year.

First day

Canaletas canyon

Second day

Cantavella or Cubars inferior canyons

Third day (optional)

In case of doing three days, we will make a third canyon to enhance knowledge.


  • No previous experience is necessary to take the course, just a minimum of physical condition to endure a day walking in the mountains.

  • It is necessary not to have excessive dizziness since we will rappel more than 8m high.

  • It is necessary not to have a phobia of water and to know how to swim, since we will make an aquatic canyon.

  • If you have any pathology or injury that we should know about, contact the company.


  • 2 days: 140€ / pax

  • 3 days: 190€ / pax 

    *To obtain a better learning of the contents of the course, we recommend extending the course to 3 days.

*All prices include: VAT, qualified guides, RC and accident insurance, approved material, photos and videos with GoPro, van transfer, taxes of the parking in the Natural Park and the obligatory permission to realise the canyon.