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Arnes, Els Ports de Tortosa Beceite. Terra Alta, El Matarraña.


Each of the technicians who become part of the human team of Les Roques Natura as a guide or as a driver of activities, is accredited and trained as such within the current regulations.
Training in the field of mountain sports and constant retraining allow us to know or predict what actions, maneuvers, protocols, etc. are. to follow to make the activities we offer as safe as possible.
Adventure sports in the wild are risky activities and as such should be managed.
Hire a qualified guide: canyon technician, climbing technician, mountain technician, Nordic walking technician ... all trained and experienced people who will make you enjoy the adventure safely.

                                                                                        David Carretero Llopis: Sports professional. Sports technician TD2 mountain, TD2 canyoning. Passionate about sports in nature and travel to see the world, always with a smile and ready to make others enjoy. He has traveled to all of South America and Asia, climbs in the Alps and Morocco, among others.

David Carretero, guia de barrancs i muntanya

Jesús Pallarés Bonet: Sports professional registered in the register of sports professionals in Catalonia. Sports technician TD1 mountain, TD2 canyoning. Geologist by training. He has practiced rock and ice climbing, caving, canyoning, hiking, mountaineering from Ecuador to Nepal. Patient, methodical and always ready to share his entire mountain experience.

Jesús Pallares, guia de barrancs i muntanya. 


Ilda Vico Quiñones: Sports professional registered in the register of sports professionals in Catalonia. Sports technique TD1 mountain, TD1 Nordic walking. Director of leisure and nature activities. Geologist by training. Backpacking by definition, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, mountain races also without borders from Ecuador to Nepal, Morocco, Alps ...

Ilda Vico, instructora de marxa nòrdica i excursionisme.

Joan Maria Pérez Vidal: Sports professional registered in the Catalan register. TD2 medium mountain sports technician, TD2 canyoning, TD2 climbing. A 100% optimistic all-terrain vehicle, practicing any sport in nature and a great connoisseur of the Ports. With climbs in Morocco, Jordan, Corsica, the Alps ...

Joan Maria, guia de barrancs, escalada i muntanya







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