material de barranquisme

Arnes between Terra Alta and Matarraña.

January 2018

We know the importance of giving good service and what our customers value. We believe that to enjoy the activities in such a fragile environment as nature should be done in a respected and civic way. For this reason the groups that we guide are reduced, so as not to alter the fauna as much as the greater enjoyment of the participants, we believe in the familiar and close treatment with the people.


We demand the maximum in safety and responsibility in the development of our activities of adventure and risk: good training of guides, good planning and compliance with a minimum of safety standards, are the key to success in an activity of Mountain.

For this reason we renew our material every year and improve our services: we offer you real and adequate information about our tourist resources, because we are knowledgeable about the area, we advise you on difficulty levels, long routes etc. because we are mountain people, we advise you And we accompany you if you want, because we are guides




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