Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking


nordic walking, fly yoga

Now you can come to explore the landscapes of Natural Park Els Ports with Nordic Walking.
Exercise, have fun in nature with an activity that everyone can do! The trekking poles can help to reach the summits, by supporting the whole body as we walk.

Sticks provide us support and balance points, which help us to complete short walks and ascend areas with steep slopes. 



Why Nordic walking?

It is a sport that can be practiced with varying degrees of intensity from people who do little or no sport to athletes looking for alternative training. You can practice it in groups or individually. Nordic walking is suitable for elderly people, or those who are recovering from injury, illness etc. It is a gentle activity in a natural environment, perfect  to open our spirit and our mind to positivity and good feelings.

NW Tasting: with two hours sessions. Price starting at € 18 / p.p. with a minimum of 2 people, € 15 / pp minimum 4 people Includes a theoretical introduction to the technique of nordic walking, a walk around 5 km surroundings, stretch marks and relaxation with trapezium. Nordic walking instructor by the INWA federation. Nordic walking sticks and accident insurance.

Schedule from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the afternoon during the summer and prior reservation.

NW Initiation Session: with 3-4 hours sessions. Price Price starting at € 25 / p.p. with a minimum of 2 people, € 22 / pp minimum 4 people. 



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