Green Way

Green WayThe route of the Green Way, in the Val de Zafán, has a total distance of 100 km. A unique rail project intended to connect La Puebla de Híjar (Teruel) to Sant Carles de la Ràpita. The project began in 1891, but remained unfinished and disconnected due the Civil War. A number of landslides in 1971 brought the end to the idea of finishing this rail line.
The “Sarmentero”, the popular name by which this train was known, only operated for 31 years, a short life, which nonetheless left us a large number of tunnels and viaducts.
We can now enjoy the fully renovated Green Way by bike or foot. All stations have a play area for children and picnic tables. In Benifallet and Fontcalda, there are bar and restaurant services.
Arnes is located at kilometer 0 of the route; corresponding to the Terra Alta, surely the most spectacular and wild stretch of the journey section.
The Green Way is a bike route without technical difficulty, in a natural environment surrounded by great beauty and the history of the old train traveling on these roads now full of life.



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Who can do it?

It is an ideal activity for the whole family and school groups (all ages). It is possible to do only the downhill section (Arnes Tortosa) and we can pick you up in any of the old stations on the route of the Green Way. Most pople use the pick up service, It´s easier! WE RECOMMEND THE PICK UP SERVICE!

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