• Canyoning, new equipment of the lower Cuban ravine, in the Ports of Tortosa Beseit.

    Puertos de Tortosa Beceite mountains



    Do you know the lower Cubars ravine? If you have already made the Canaletes ravine and want to discover new corners, here we show you another small jewel of the Ports mountains. Always with enthusiasm for presenting new activities, so that you enjoy the sports of nature and adventure with us, we encourage you to join us in this new challenge.

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  • Nordic Walking, mindfulness and fly yoga.

    Around the village of Arnes. Natural Park Els Ports Tortosa Beseit. Tarragona.

    Octubre 2018

    Do excercise and enjoy in nature with a sport for everybody! Nordic walking is a sport that you could practice with varying degrees of intensity, depending on your needs. It is a gentle activity, an ideal to open our spirit and our mind to the positivism and the good feelings natural environment. Activity will end with a tasting of some of the local produce. Health and pleasure!!

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  • Vía ferrata,

    Fuentespalda town, in Matarraña near to Arnes.

    Month activity

    Via ferrata in Fuentespalda a few miles from Arnes. It is a well-equipped itinerary. There are two tracks: one for beginners and a second more difficult.

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  • Ecotourism, come to live EcoExperiencias.

    Arnes, in Ports de Tortosa Beceite.



    We ecotourism and live EcoExperiencias: Wild Nature: come and observe wild mountain goat Natural Park of Ports de Tortosa-Beseit. Identifies the giants of the sky, vultures. Nordic Walking: enjoy the pleasure of a magnificent nordic walking, respectful and easy way of moving, and discover the amazing wines of the region and its development. Wines from ecological and traditional cultivation. - Via Ferrata.

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  • Nuevo material y mejor servicio para ti!

    Arnes between Terra Alta and Matarraña.

    January 2018


    We know the importance of giving good service and what our customers value. For this reason we renew our material every year and improve our services: we offer you real and adequate information about our tourist resources, because we are knowledgeable about the area, we advise you on difficulty levels, long routes etc. because we are mountain people, we advise you And we accompany you if you want, because we are guides.

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  • Rental of material for via ferrata

    Arnes, Terra Alta, el Matarraña.

    January 2018


    Now we already have rental material for the realization of the via ferrata. So you can uncover the most hidden and rugged corners of the mountains of the Ports and the Matarraña. From our store located in the town of Arnes.

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    ARNES, EL Canaletes. Parque Natural de los Puertos de Tortosa Beceite.

    Este año hemos decidido emprender un nuevo reto personal que creemos que requiere en ocasiones más valor que practicar deportes de aventura, mirar de frente las INJUSTICIAS SOCIALES. Cada año una pequeña aportación solidaria: ES NUESTRO NUEVO RETO! Queremos empezar por invitaros a participar en un descenso de barrancos, el Canaletes en los Puertos de Tortosa Beceite, donde todo el dinero recaudado será destinado íntegramente a la ONG Acció Solidària i Logística. AYUDANOS EN ESTE NUEVO PROYECTO!!

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  • Mountain Bike by the south of Tarragona with a guide

    Arnes, in Ports de Tortosa Beceite.

    September 2015

    From 06/09/2015 to 06/09/2015

    The nice temperature we’re having makes that going out with bike is a great experience, with our guide.

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